Maule Family Chart 1: Scotland portion: part three (15th - 20th centuries)

Meaning of Symbols:
      died young, before age 18, no children
      reached adulthood, no children, whether or not married
      had children
      unknown if had children, whether or not married
      The two people marked with this symbol married each other.
      The two people marked with this symbol married each other.
          and so on. Children outlined under father.

   1. This format is a variation of one I saw on the Foulke Family Website.
   2. This is an outline, thus years rather than full dates are provided.
   3. This is an outline, thus marriage information (spouse name, date, etc.) is not provided.
   4. To maintain manageable chart size, descendants not surnamed Maule are not shown.
   5. No attempt is made to identify which spouse is the parent of which children.
   6. This arrangement is based principally on information from the Registrum de Panmure, which together with information from
         other sources, was compiled into Maule Family Tree 1 by Brian Maule. The tree is so big that it has had to be divided into several portions.
   7. This chart begins with Thomas Maule (1470-1513) (see Maule Family Group Chart 1: Scotland portion: part 2).
   8. Note that some branches of this group settled in England, North Carolina, and other places outside Scotland.

If you trace back to an individual in this chart, please share with me (see email address at bottom of page) the
genealogical information on that individual's descendants. Just as we benefit from the generosity of those who
provided the information in this chart, so, too, will others benefit from our generosity if we update the chart
when we have the information permitting us to do so. It's the least any of us can do. Thank you. --Jim

Thomas Maule (1470-1513)
Margaret Maule (?1488-?) md Henry Ramsay
Elizabeth Maule (?1490-?) md Alexander Strachan
Isobel Maule (?1492-1513) md John Liddell
Robert Maule (1493-1560)
Thomas Maule (1521-1600)
Patrick Maule (1548-1605)
Patrick Maule (1585-1661) 1st Earl Panmure
Jean Maule (1617-1685) md David Carnegie 2d Earl Northesk
Anna Maule (1618-1623)
George Maule (1619-1671) 2d Earl Panmure
----- Maule (c1646-c1649)
----- Maule (c1648-c1649)
John Maule (c1650-c1652)
George Maule (1652-1686) 3d Earl Panmure
George Maule (1680-c1681)
Patrick Maule (c1653-c1655)
Marie (Mary) Maule (1655-?) md Charles Erskine & John Erskine
Francis Maule (c1657-c1680)
James Maule (1658-1723) 4th Earl Panmure
Henry Maule (1659-1734)
James Maule (1698-1729)
William Maule (1700-1782) Earl Panmure of Forth
Jean Maule (1702-?) md George Ramsay 6th Earl Dalhousie & John Strother Ker
          See Ramsay Chart
John Maule (1706-1781) Baron of the Exchequer
George Maule (c1708-?)
Charles Maule (1709-?)
Thomas Maule (1710-?)
Henrietta Maule (c1711-?)
Margaret Maule (1712-?)
Robert Maule (c1713-?)
Patrick Maule (c1714-?)
David Maule (c1715-?)
Henry Maule (1621-1667) Baron of Balmakellie
Marie Maule (1651-1693)
Margaret Maule (?1664-?) md Alexander Cochrane
Elizabeth Maule (1622-1650) md John Lyon, 2d Earl Kinghorne & George Livingstone 3d Earl Linlithgow
Catherine Maule (1623-1625)
Henrietta Maria Maule (1633-?)
James Maule (1634-?)
Patrick Maule (1634-c1635)
Patrick Maule (1636-?)
Elizabeth Maule (1588-1659) md James Stachan
Jane Maule (1590-?) md David Erskine
Margaret Maule (1592-?) md Arthur Erskine
Euphemia Maule (1595-?1659) md Patrick Ochterlony
Isabella Maule (1598-?) md William Arbuthnott
Barbara Maule (1600-?)
Christian Maule (1602-?) md Simon Durie
William Maule (c1550-c1590)
David Maule (c1551-1579)
Robert Maule (c1554-1620) Commissary
Patrick Maule (1606-prob1692)
Catherine Maule (1632-?) md John Octerlony
Margaret Maule (1556-?) md James Stewart
-----Maule (c1558-?)
Thomas Maule of Pitlivie (1560-1600)
Thomas Maule of Ireland (?1590-1673)
William Maule of Ireland (1635-?)
Henry Maule (1679-1758) Bishop of Meath
Thomas Maule (?1700-?)
James Maule (?1702-1749)
Thomas Maule (?1745-1789) Capt Co. Invalides
William Maule (1773-?1847)
Anne Maule (?1705-?)
Charles Maule (c1680-1723)
??Dorcas Maule (c1700-1787)
??Hester Maule (c1705-1750)
-----(dtr) Maule (?1706-?)
----(dtr) Maule (?1708-?)
John Maule (c1682-1723) Army Capt.
James Maule (?1684-?) Army Capt.
-----(dtr) Maule (?1685-?)
-----(dtr) Maule (?1686-?)
Thomas Maule (1640-1715) G'mn Bedch Pr George, Lt Yeoman Guard
Robert Maule (?1592-?) G'mn of Priv Chmbr Chas I
Margaret Maule (c1593-?)
Catherine Maule (c1595-?)
Christian Maule (?1597-?) poss md Thomas Brown
George Maule (c1561-c1601) went to England
William Maule (c1590-?)
James Maule (c1563-?)
Alexander Maule (c1590-?)
Isabella Maule (1564-?) md Henry Durham
----- Maule (c1565-?)
John Maule (c1522-c1560)
Robert Maule (c1524-c1600) reader Panbride Church
Margaret Maule (c1526-?) md Andrew Halliburton
Elizabeth Maule (c1528-?) md William Halliburton
Janet Maule (c1530-?) md James Strachan
Agnes Maule (c1532-?) md ----- Strachan
Isabel Maule (c1534-?)
Geils Maule (c1536-?)
Jean Maule (c1538-?)
Catherine Maule (c1540-?)
Henry Maule of Skyrne (c1546-1605)
Henry Maule of Melgund (c1570-?)
James Maule of Melgum (c1614-?)
Marion Maule (1651-?)
James Maule (1655-?) poss. head of Group 5
Alexander Maule (c1620-?)
-----(son) Maule (c1650-?)
----- Maule (c1624-?) md ----- Thornton
Beatrix Maule (c1626-?) md ----- Walkinshaw
John Maule (1629-1653) minister
Thomas Maule (c1630-?)
??Patrick Maule (1658-?)
John Maule (1659-?)
Thomas Maule (1661-?)
Alexander Maule (1674-?)
Michael Maule (c1635-?) prob
----- Maule (c1571-?) md ----- Drummond
----- Maule (c1570-?) md John Strachan
Andrew Maule of Skyrne and Guildie (c1548-1624)
Barbara Maule (c1580-?) md Thomas Wishart
Grisel Maule (c1582-?) md Gilbert Wishart
Elizabeth Maule (c1585-?) md Thomas Pearson, Lord of the Lochlands
Robert Maule of Guildie (c1588-?)
James Maule (?1620-?)
Marjorie Maule (c1590-?) md William of Nairne & David Carnegie 2d Earl Northesk
William Maule of Glaster (c1552-1619)
Marion Maule (c1575-?) md Alexander Seatoun
Bethia Maule (c1578-?) md James Murray
Margaret Maule (c1580-?) md Alexander Murray
Eleanor Maule (c1582-?) md Alexander Morrison
Jean (Janet) Maule (c1586-?) md William Oliphant
Isabel Maule (c1590-?) md James Dundas & James Hamilton
William Maule (1595-?)
Elizabeth Maule (1597-1622) md Robert Burnet
Alexander Maule (1600-?)
Marjory Maule (c1553-?) md Andrew Guthrie
William Maule of Auchrinnie (?1495-1560)
David Maule of Boath (?1495-1560)
David Maule of Boath (?1560-c1630) Commissary
Harry Maule (?1580-?) Commissary
William Maule (?1605-?) prob
Elizabeth Maule (?1610-?) md Seaton of Touch
Henry Maule (?1611-?) prob
Robert Maule (?1565-?)
Patrick Maule (?1570-?)
George Maule of Caingorthie (?1575-?)
David Maule (?1615-?)
Helen Maule (1641-?)
Patick Maule (1653-?) minister at Panbride (md Maria Maule)
James Maule (1694-1753)
Henry Maule (1696-?)
John Maule (?1618-?)
George Maule of Panbride (c1665-?)
James Maule (1696-1753)
Henry Maule (1698-?)
John Maule (1700-1776) Clerk of Cheque Greenwich Hosp
Timothy Maule (1730-?)
Stephen John Maule (1731-1806) Clerk of Cheque Greenwich Hosp
John Maule (1771-1866) rector of church in Dover
Louisa Arabella Maule (1800-?) md Richard Charles Cox
John Templeman Maule (1802-1874)
Ward Maule (1833-1913) Archdeacon, Commmissary, sr chaplain
Henry John Maule (1865-1913)
Harry Donald Maule (1891-?)
-----(dtr) Maule (?1867-?)
-----(dtr) Maule (?1869-?)
-----(dtr) Maule (?1871-?)
-----(dtr) Maule (?1873-?)
Arnold John Maule (1835-?)
Ellen E. A. Maule (1837-?)
--- (dtr) Maule (?1837-?)
--- (dtr) Maule (?1839-?)
--- (dtr) Maule (?1841-?)
Thomas Leigh Maule (1804-?)
----- (dtr) Maule (?1806-?)
----- (dtr) Maule (?1806-?)
Georgiana Maule (1810-?) md John Drake Ffinch
Ann Maule (1773-?)
----- (dtr) Maule (?1775-?)
Arabella Philippa Maule (1777-?)
Susan Maule (1778-?)
-----(dtr) Maule (?1733-?)
Jean (Janet?) Maule (1735-?)
George Maule (1751-1793) Lt-Col Madras Engrs
George Maule (1786-?) Commander, RN
George Maule (1827-1890)
Madeline Maule (1852-?)
Ann Maule (1854-?)
George Maule (1855-1918) curate, rector
Guinevere Evelyn Maule (1900-?) md William Hubert Oatway
     [chg name to Maule-Oatway]
Rebecca Maule (1856-1857)
Mary Clara Maule (1752-?) md Lt-Col Patrick Ross
Matilda Maule (1754-1789) md Lt John Wickens
William Maule (?1668-?) Col., Surveyor-Gen N.C.
Penelope Maule (?1710-?) md William Cathcart
Patrick Maule (?1670-?) went to N.C.
John Maule (?1716-?) mbr, N.C. legislature
Moses Maule (?1740-?)
Elizabeth Maule (?1742-?) md ----- Smith
Anne Hare Maule (?1745-?) md Psalmet Gregoire Roulhac
Penelope Maule (?1754-?) md ----- Bryan
Jemima Maule (?1756?) md John G. Roulhac
Sarah Maule (?1718-?) md Joseph Bryan
Mary Maule (?1720-?) md ----- Bonner
Barbara Maule (?1722-?)
Harrie Maule (?1672-?) Clerk to the Signet
----- Maule (?1700-?)
----- Maule (?1702-?)
----- Maule (?1703-?)
David Maule (?1675-?) Clerk to the Signet
----- (son) Maule (?1677-?)
-----(son) Maule (?1620-?)
Thomas Maule (c1527-1547)

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