From JUNE 1998 to AUGUST 1999.

Wednesday, June 17 - 1998 at 04:26:30

Email Address:
Name: Pat Maule
Subject: Contact
Message: I wonder if Donald Maule of Canada would like to contact me, we may have something in common?


Thursday, June 25 - 1998 at 06:55:01

Email Address: essex98
Name: mark
Subject: family history
Message: I would like to find out about my family history. My grandparent came from Italy and lived in Hermansville mich.


Saturday, July 04 - 1998 at 13:51:10

Email Address:
Name: Brian
Message: Does anyone have any information on Maules in Westminster/Kensington, London in the 18th or 19th centuries.

I have three separate parts of what I am sure is one family but lack the details that would confirm this.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thursday, July 09 - 1998 at 12:40:30

Email Address:
Name: Rosamond Hester nee Maull
Subject: Nineteeth century Photographers Maull & Fox, or Maull & Polyblank
Message: Photography is a hobby of mine and I belong to a photographic history group here in Australia,during my reading I have come across a photographic studio working in the early days of the wet plate collodion process. Called Maull & Fox, they had a studio in Regent Street London in the 1850's-1860's I believe. They were in business for quite sometime during the latter half of the nineteeth century, and may have changed their name to Maull & Polyblank, having at sometime a Royal Warrent from Queen Victoria. This is all I can discover about them. I would be most appreciative if anybody could provide me with any information regarding this early photograpic studio. I have been unable to find any example's of their work in Photographic History books although I find references to their name, hence my curosity. I would be very interested if any Maull, no matter which spelling is able to give me any information regarding this early studio to satisfy my curosity


Sunday, July 12 - 1998 at 11:34:09

Email Address:
Name: Brian
Subject: Re: Maull & Fox photographers.
Message: Hi Rosamund,
I may have found something which relates to this in the 1881 census.
At St. Mildreds Road, St. Lawrence, Kent.
MAULL Henry (widower) age 57 Photographer b. Islington MDX.
At 2 Oliver Place, Lewisham , Kent.
MAULL James (widower) age 80 Retired Fis+ (??) b. St. Thomas SRY.
FOX Eliza Daughter Marr. age 43 b. Clerkenwell MDX.
FOX John Son-in-law Marr. age 48 Photographic + b. Finsbury MDX.
+ 2 grandchildren.

It looks as if James could be the father of Henry as well as Eliza. So Henry Maull and John Fox would be brothers-in-law.
Hope this helps. Brian.


Wednesday, July 15 - 1998 at 09:04:14

Email Address:
Name: Peter PHILLIPS
Message: I am interested to receive any information on MOLE in various spellings including MAWL, MOULE, MOLD(E), MOULD(E)). These may be variants of MAULE. I am particularly intersested in a line I have traced back, via London City, back to a Jeremiah MOLE of Cheshunt, Herts., whose details are given below. Does anyone have any information that could help me further? Cheshunt is and was on the main road to London from Cambridge and has close connections with the neighbouring counties of Essex and Middlesex. Jeremiah son of Mathius (Mathew) and Mary MOLD. Bapt: 04 March 1768, Cheshunt, Herts. Buried: 30 April 1809, Cheshunt, Herts., aged 41 years Married, by licence: 11 February 1793 Cheshunt, Herts to Sarah BRETT (Bapt: 22 October 1769, Cheshunt, Herts.) (Buried: 31 March 1823, Cheshunt, Herts., aged 53 years) Issue: John (Bapt: 27 December 1793 Cheshunt, Herts.) (Buried: 14 August 1844,London City) Jeremiah (Bapt: 27 December 1793, Cheshunt, Herts.) (Buried: 15 August 1795, Cheshunt, Herts.) Thomas (Bapt: 31 March 1807, Cheshunt, Herts.)


Wednesday, July 15 - 1998 at 10:46:24

Email Address:
Name: Matthew J. Maule
Subject: I am a Maule.....A bunch of us live in Ca....
Message: Hello....Just saying hello..........Matthew J. Maule NiteOwlMat


Friday, July 17 - 1998 at 08:16:11

Email Address:
Name: Louise Dixon
Subject: Maule married Dixon
Message: I have just been reading all your wonderful research. It was of interest as my father in law Hugh William Dixon's grandfather Thomas Dixon was married to Annie Mary Maule (Maryanne?) daughter of William Maule born in 1804 North Middleton, Northumberland. Hugh's father William Dixon came to Australia but Hugh now lives in New Zealand where he brought up his children although two of his children including my husband now live in Australia. We first came across the Maule family line in an a scrapbook of original newspaper clippling kept my John Dixon who was the Mayor of Morpeth and father of Thomas. In it was a copy of William Maule's obituary.


Thursday, July 23 - 1998 at 00:01:06

Email Address:
Name: Miloslav Maule, MD
Subject: Letter from Mil.Maule from Czech republic
Message: I looked to internett and I was very suprissed how many informations is about name Maule. I lived in Czech Republic.I born 21.2.1951. Iam MD in Bata Hospital in Zlin. My father names Miloslav Maule and born 30.1.1925 in city Plzen /city west Czech republic .it giv name Pilzner beer/.I have two children and my brother have three children. My english isnt good,bat my daughter Martina is in English excellent/she studied High School in USA- Ocenat Springs,MS- last year


Friday, July 24 - 1998 at 05:21:18

Email Address:
Name: John Howe
Subject: William Maule, Minister, Kirkton of Monikie
Message: I have been reading the history of the Kirk of Monikie, Scotland and from 1783-1827, William Maule was the minister of the parish. The book states he was born in Angus in 1755, took his M.A. at Kings College, Aberdeen,and was ordained in 1782. He married Margaret Bisset and they hsf one daughter, Helen. Mrs. Maule died in 1817 and William died in 1827 after being the minister for 44 years. Since the Panmure estate is in the Monikie parish, there is possibly some tie to the Panmure Maules. Use the info if you can. If you need other info, send me an email. Sincerely, John Howe


Saturday, July 25 - 1998 at 12:44:58

Email Address:
Name: Mauro Maule
Subject: information
Message: My name's Mauro and I'm 31. I very intresting about this site. I would like any information about my family who came in Italy from Germany in seven generation ago. Place in Montebello (Vicenza) and now I live here now whit my life and my son and my douther.


Thursday, July 30 - 1998 at 01:49:01

Email Address:
Name: Jim Maule
Subject: Thomas Maule of Warwickshire & Salem, Mass.
Message: Looking for ancestry of Thomas Maule, b. 1643 near Coventry in Warwickshire (supposedly recorded in Berkswell Parish, but there are no registers for that time period). Father Thomas Maule. Mother Susannah (possibly Throgmorton??) Mother buried Berkswell, father is not. Thomas left England after his mother died, went to Barbadoes, then to New England. Father supposedly a Royalist officer taken prisoner by Cromwell during Civil War and shipped to Barbadoes. He may be the other Thomas Maule who shows up in New England after the arrival of the Thomas b. 1643. Any clues, ideas, info appreciated. Jim Maule (


Thursday, August 13 - 1998 at 03:55:19

Email Address:
Name: Shiona Jean ( Maule ) Minnings
Subject: Jack Maule or Richard Maule
Message: Looking for information about the Maule's lived in Newcastle, England around the early 1900's. These men are my great grandfather and grandfather. I 'm daughter of Richard John Patrick Maule son of Richard John Dixon Maule. My father came to Canada in the early 1950's from Ayr, Scotland. I am Canadian and proud of it :) Look forward to hear any information !


Saturday, August 15 - 1998 at 17:11:34

Email Address:
Name: Brian
Subject: Dixon/Maules
Message: Hi Shiona, There were many Maule families living in Newcastle around 1900 and several of those had Dixon connections. So it may not be too easy to trace your ancestors. My own great-grandparents were William John Maule and Sarah Jane Dixon! Their second son was called John Dixon Maule he was b. in Morpeth in 1881, but I know nothing of his later story. If I can find any more information for you I will send an e-mail. Best wishes. Brian.


Friday, August 21 - 1998 at 11:41:48

Email Address:
Name: shelagh morgan
Subject: Thomas Maul b. 1770, Dumfermline m. Agnes McKay
Message: Hi, I was really pleased to find your page - it is excellent. I have found some Mauls in my family tree. I hope you may be able to help me trace them back further. John Maul m. Margaret Don, had a son Thomas Maul b. July 22, 1770, Dumfermline, m. Agnes McKay on Nov. 30 1794, Blairgowrie. They had 6 children, Elizabeth, Janet, James, John, Helen (my relation)b. June 25 1805, Rattray, Perthshire. and another Janet Helen Maul married Laurence Drysdale on March 27 1830, Alva, Stirling. They had 5 children: Janet, William, Jane, Janet, Laurence (b. Dec 21 1838, Alloa - m. Janet Drummond Jan 25, 1871, Logie, Perth) . Laurence married Janet Drummond. They had 4 children, Lawrance, Janet, Helen Maul Drysdale and Margaret. Helen Maul Drysdale (b. Feb 18 1873 Alloa)married James McLaren (my grandfather) June 03, 1896 I would be really interested to have any information about family tree of Thomas Maul if anyone has any. Best Regards Shelagh


Saturday, August 22 - 1998 at 01:44:02

Email Address:
Name: Pat Maule
Subject: Thomas Maul
Message: Shelagh,saw your request on the homepage, I think we have common ancestors, Will get in touch at your address.


Wednesday, September 02 - 1998 at 06:31:57

Email Address:
Name: Stewart Wigginton
Subject: Maule's of Clackmannan Scotland
Message: My great grandfather was born in Clackmannan about 1853. He came to America when he was 14 years old. When he made his stake, he sent for his childhood sweet heart, Margaret Archibald and they were married in St. Louis, Missouri. I know very little of the Maule's of Clackmannan and would like to correspond with any of them who are descendants of Alexander and Margaret Maule
Any help would be appreciated


Saturday, September 12 - 1998 at 19:31:31

Email Address:
Name: Wanda Lucia Maul
Subject: Maul family
Message: Dear Sirs, I know that my great grandfather whose name was CHARLES MAUL was born at York, England. He came to Brazil and met my great grandmother and settled down at Paraiba, northeast of Brazil.

Please inform if you have registered any branches of the Maul family here in Brazil.
Thank you
Wanda Lucia


Tuesday, September 15 - 1998 at 10:45:58

Email Address:
Name: Leah King (nee Maule)
Subject: NZ Deaths
Message: I have just finished pouring over the Microfishe reader looking for the deaths of my GGG-grandparents, although I think I may have found my GGG-grandfather (I have to wait for the certificate to be sure) I didn't find my GGG-grandmother :o(

For the benefit of others, I will list here all the other Maule deaths I found during my search:

Name Folio No. year
John 962 1873
John 657 1875
Frederick 1173 1881
Francis John 1213 1883
Ellen 759 1885
Ada Maria 564 1891
M (infant) 1315 1891
Harold Travers 629 1892
Jemima 1492 1894
James 2087 1895
George O'Donnell 611 1896
Alison Merton 1889 1896
Tinie? Alice 69 1900
Carl Frederick Leopold 2359 1904
(Maul) Wilhelmine 1924 1907
Isabel Emily 2796 1907
John Joseph 2904 1907
Abraham Arthur 1204 1908
Alice 79 1911
Eva May 447 1911
Annie 2350 1912
James Polson 2937 1913
Annie Barbara 195 1915
Herbert Domonic 2829 1917
William Josiah 2797 1917
Sydney Frederick 1503 1920
(Maul) Dora 439 1924
unamed female 271 1925
Mary Jane 2577 1926
Eliza 3554 1928
Alexander 2661 1929
Alexander 616 1937
Christina Stewart 639 1938
Louisa 3028 1939
Alice 743 1940
John Charles 2992 1940
George Polson 3437 1942
Emily 1886 1943
Esther Christina 304 1944
Annie Harriet 631 1945
William Polson 1803 1946
Winifred 441 1946
John Charles 1889 1949

Who knows... maybe some of these will turn out to be connected to me as well, but then they might be connected to you!

Happy hunting


Tuesday, September 15 - 1998 at 10:50:59

Email Address:
Name: Leah King
Subject: re above message
Message: Sorry .. forgot to mention I am leaving NZ in less than two weeks to live in England so unfortunately I will not be able to do any further lookups, or order these certificates for anyone. If you do require them, I have a friend here who would be happy to order them for you. Just get in touch with me at the above address, and I will see what I can do. Leah


Wednesday, September 16 - 1998 at 12:59:19

Email Address:
Name: Rosamond Hester nee Maull
Subject: Tree 43 and Tree 22, Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire. Maull.
Message: It appears there may be some possiblity of a connection between Tree 43 and Tree 22, name variation, MAULL, both from the Wootton Bassett area Wiltshire. I would very much like to contact members of Tree 43 to discuss the possibilty of common ancestors. My line is: Rosamond: F.Douglas,B1909 Brecon,Wales.In 1920's Clyffe Pypard, Wilts. Later Hampshire, Australia. Marr. Joyce Attewell: GF, Albert Edward, B1870 Wootton Bassett,about 1900's-1918 in Wales with Sth Wales Borderers, later Clyffe Pypard. Marr. Sarah Puddick: GGF. Frederick Barchall, B1844 Wootton Bassett. Marr. Anna Maria Lyne.Children, John 1869, Albert Edward 1870, Elizabeth 1872, Ann 1875, Jonas 1879, Emily 1881. GGGF Richard, Born ?1807 ?Wootton Bassett. Married Hannah ?.Children. Thomas 1834,Richard 1841,Frederick 1844,Sarah Jane 1848,Hannah 1850.Richard snr. was in Wootton Bassett in both the 1851 and 1841 Census.I would appreciate any information that could be provided, and indeed any anything on the Maull variation of the name in general. Many thanks in advance,looking forward to any messages.Regards, Rosamond.


Wednesday, September 23 - 1998 at 10:51:19

Email Address:
Name: Cyril Walker
Subject: 2 more families
Message: Amazing, but true. I have found TWO Maules at my work. Unrelated families. 1. Agnes Mary MAULE b?,had a son Robert John MAULE b1916 Clutton Somerset, who had 3 daughters Pamela Beverly Angela, and 1 son John b1948, who has 2 sons Craig b1971 NZ. Simon b1973 NZ. Craig is currently in the UK. 2. Kenneth MAULE, family from Scotland. ( Ken will provide us with more details shortly ).


Monday, September 28 - 1998 at 04:37:13

Email Address:
Name: Pat Maule
Subject: Maules in New Zealand
Message: Thanks to both Leah King (nee Maule) and Cyril Walker in New Zealand for all the information they have supplied on Maules of my branch of the family.I will now have fun sending for certificates. Cheers Pat.


Thursday, October 01 - 1998 at 01:00:16

Email Address:
Name: Glenna Miller Bartlett
Subject: Moll/Maul/Mohl/Mall/Mohle/Moell, etc.
Message: I am searching for information on August Alfred Moll, born 11/1836 in Berlin, Germany. I have been unsuccessful in finding him as a Moll, maybe the name was translated when he came to America via??? He was naturalized in 1867 in Washington and lived in Pt. Townsend, WA. He married Johanna Gallung, another name I cannot find out anything about. Any help, suggestions, will be appreciated. Glenna Miller Bartlett


Sunday, October 25 - 1998 at 03:26:05

Email Address:
Name: Ed Swindell
Subject: North Carolina Maules
Message: My family has owned a geographical landmark called "Maule's Point" on the Pamlico River estuary in coastal Beaufort County, North Carolina for about 170 years. My ancestors bought the land from the heirs of the last of the North Carolina Maules to bear the surname, Moses Maule, who died on January 1, 1799, at his plantation house on the point. I know that John was father of Moses, and that John in turn was the son of Patrick. Patrick Maule died in 1734. He came to North Carolina with his brother William. I have never been able to determine the birthplaces, birthdates, or parentage of the brothers, William and Patrick, but colonial records clearly show their presence in North Carolina around 1710 and their origin, of course, is referred to as Scotland. I would appreciate any information that anyone might have beyond that which is known in the Prescott book. Thanks.


Sunday, October 25 - 1998 at 15:03:29

Email Address:
Name: Brian
Subject: Maules of North Carolina.
Message: Hi Ed,
Patrick and William are members of a junior branch of the Maules of Panmure. They are the descendants of William of Auchrinnie (?1495)who was a great-great-uncle of Patrick, the 1st. Earl of Panmure.

I have forwarded to you by e-mail their family tree which traces their ancestors back to France in the 9th century.

Very best wishes.


Saturday, November 14 - 1998 at 16:11:26

Email Address:
Name: Pat Maule
Subject: George Cuthbert Maule
Message: Brian. I have recently aquired the marriage certificate from New Zealand of the above subject. He was married to Annie B. Krippner on 21 Mar 1902 at Huntley, New Zealand, but only used the name "George Maule, age 30." He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland His parents were - George Maule, commercial traveller, and Allison Leslie. The only Allison Leslie I can find on the IGI is Allison Morton Leslie who married a Robert Bryce in Edinburgh on 19 Aug 1847.Perhaps this was her second marriage when she married George Snr.? I see in Leah's list of Sept 15th.that there is an Alison Merton Maule died 1896.Could this be one and the same? I have been unable to find any record of marriage between Geaoge Maule and Allison Leslie. I believe that the George who married 1n 1902 in New Zealand is the son of George Maule born 19 Feb 1830 !! Perhaps someone out there can shed some light on this ? Pat.


Sunday, November 15 - 1998 at 20:05:38

Email Address:
Subject: could Mauller be a form of the maule name
Message: Would like to know if Mauller could be a form of the MAULE NAME have you ever heard the name Mauller. This was my maiden name. Thanks Pat short


Saturday, November 21 - 1998 at 15:40:56

Email Address:
Name: Brian
Subject: Re: MAULLER
Message: Hi Pat,

I have not come across Mauller as a variant of Maule. I have checked all the databases that I have but it is not there.
It occurs to me that it could possibly be a contraction of the name Maulever, which is another ancient family unconnected with the Maules.
Sorry I can't help any more than that.



Friday, December 04 - 1998 at 20:53:48

Email Address:
Name: Rich Glennie
Subject: Maules of Michigan and Minnesota
Message: I have been attempting to connect the Andrew B. Maule family of Sand Beach Township, Michigan to Maules in Scotland or England, but have not been able to yet. I believe the first Maule from this line to come to Canada and then to Michigan may have been James Maule, who was married to a woman by the name of Haynes. While I find the message archieve overwhelming with Maules from around the world, I find almost nothing about the Michigan Maules. I would appreciate any help. Thanks for the very informative website.


Wednesday, December 09 - 1998 at 13:20:25

Email Address:
Name: Cyril Walker
Subject: NZ Maules from Innerlieth
Message: Further to my earlier post, Ken MAULE here in Christchurch adds that his father Colin MAULE was born in Innerlieth Scotland


Wednesday, December 09 - 1998 at 18:09:22

Email Address:
Name: Brian
Subject: Maules in Michigan.
Message: Hi Rich,
I can add little to what I understand Jim has already sent you re. the James Maule family of Canada and Michigan. The only items that I have found not given in Jim's listing are:-
Joseph A. MAULE m. Mary BAXTER in MI (no date given)
Edwin R. MAULE b. 1877 Tuscola, MI m. Lillian WHEELER on 17th June 1903 in Illinois.
I hope that these may be of interest to you.
Best wishes.


Friday, December 18 - 1998 at 05:10:40

Email Address:
Name: Gary Shedron
Subject: Loretta Maul Shedron
Message: Loretta Maul Shedron, was my grandmother. I have done a great deal of research on the Shedron family and a bit on the Maul family. I have some very old Maul photos. My great-grandparents on Loretta's side were Henri Maul and Theresea VonElschlaeger. I would be interested in exchanging information. Thanks.... Gary Shedron


Saturday, December 19 - 1998 at 02:34:21

Email Address:
Name: Barbara Moran
Subject: 07W Elizabeth Ridler 1830 ENG - MAULE
Message: Searching for information about an ancestor: Elizabeth Blackmore b. 1829 in England that married a Thomas Ridler. Please forward any information you might have to if the above subject was in fact a Blackmore. thank you


Sunday, December 20 - 1998 at 22:22:03

Email Address:
Name: Andrew Maule
Subject: RE thankyou for placing this site!
Message: Hello My name is Andrew Maule, I am 16 years old and live in the UK. I have heard many stories and tales of my ancestory but have never really known anything much in great detail. I have just decided to type Maule into Altavista and this is where I've ended up! I have only just started to look at all the information, which seems vast and very detailed, but I look forward to finding out more about where I came from. Thank you for posting this resource!
The e-mail address used on the form may not work, as we are currently having problems with it, please try also if you would like to respond.

Andrew Maule

Saturday, January 02 - 1999 at 03:30:01

Email Address:
Name: Kevin O'Shea
Subject: Christian Maule, late 1600s-early 1700s, North Carolina
Message: Can anybody help me confirm the parents of Christian Maule, married to Thomas Brown in about 1700 in Chowan County, North Carolina? It has been reported to me that William Maule and Penelope Golland were her parents but I have not been able to obtain any information to confirm that relationship.

I would appreciate any leads on the ancestors of Christian Maule.


Wednesday, January 20 - 1999 at 00:54:31

Email Address:
Name: Jeff Shadron
Subject: Shedron
Message: I am interested in researching the "Shedron" family name. I noticed a Loretta Shedron on your site and was interested in family lineage.

Jeff Shadron


Saturday, January 23 - 1999 at 14:32:49

Email Address:
Name: Brian Maule
Subject: Re: Loretta Shedron
Message: Hi Jeff,
Loretta Maule was born 09/08/1897 in St. Louis MO, USA.
She was the 3rd. daughter of Henry Maule and Theresa von Elschlager.
Loretta married on 13/05/1912, Francis M. Shedron in St. Louis.
She was buried 18/03/1967 also in St. Louis.

Unfortunately I have no further information on Francis or his family.
I hope this helps in your researches.


Saturday, January 23 - 1999 at 16:03:47

Email Address:
Name: Patricia Short
Subject: MAULLER
Message: My name Mauller can any one tell me its orgain. Myggrandfather was JOHN GRIFFIN MAULLER married ANN MILTILTIA BOLENBAUGH
John Griffin and Miltiltia Bolenbaugh children were
Vernon V Mauller Ray Mauller May Mauller John Mauller

Wednesday, February 03 - 1999 at 03:13:10

Email Address:
Name: Louise Dixon
Subject: Annie Mary Maule
Message: Hi Brian. I corresponded with you in August last year. At this time I had discovered your site by accident and you were such a wonderful help at sending me more information on my family. You also pointed out a vital error on my part which I still have not ammended. The family tree does not come out very often due to other committments however, at this point it stands like this. I know that my husband is descended from William M Maule born 1804 North Middleton, Northumberland, the son of Joseph Maule the school master born 14 June 1783. He is descended from this line through Annie Mary Maule who married Thomas Allan Dixon. I had wrongly assumed that she was the daughter of William M Maule which can not be the case as the dates do not match. All of this material would not have been handed down for generations if she was not related to William M Maule. Where to from here? Finally I have some time to do a through check. I am in the process of obtaining records and as I have not communicated for a while I thought I would let you know what is going on. If I find anything I will definately send it on to you. I have just spent two hours looking at all your work. I could easily spend days admiring the wonderful job you have done! With very best wishes Louise Dixon


Friday, February 12 - 1999 at 11:46:34

Email Address:
Name: Julie
Subject: Joseph HERRING married Janet MAULE mid-1700


Sunday, February 14 - 1999 at 00:36:48

Email Address:
Name: William Freeman
Subject: Alexander Maule- b. app 1878-
Message: Family group 20- did he reside in the St.Louis area in 1919 ?


Sunday, February 21 - 1999 at 13:49:34

Email Address:
Name: Brian
Subject: Message for MARK HOLBROW
Message: Hi Mark
Have tried to answer your e-mail but my replies are being 'bounced'. So here is the information that I have on Elizabeth Holbrow.

John MAULE 1712-1778, Vicar of Ringwood, Hampshire. married about 1750 Elizabeth HOLBROW daughter of William Holbrow.
She was born in August 1721. She died on the 14th. November 1784 and was buried on 17th. at Uley in Gloucestershire.

They had two sons and one daughter who survived, also one son who died an infant.

Their daughter Sarah married on 08 December 1785 in Uley, John Keble, Vicar of Coln St. Aldwyns, Gloucestershire. Sarah was mother of John Keble b.25/04/1792, a fairly famous theologian and poet.

I hope this is of interest to you.



Tuesday, March 02 - 1999 at 22:45:29

Email Address:
Name: Jo Pool
Subject: Ancestors of John Maull of Wiltshire dob 1819circa
Message: Hi Brian Could you, or anyone else, please help me with the ancestors of John Maull 1819-1879 son of Edward Maull and Elizabeth Lester. All from Wiltshire, England. I have numerous descendants but cannot go further back than the above. Cheers


Wednesday, March 03 - 1999 at 00:30:15

Email Address:
Name: Mary Ann Harcha
Subject: Barclay family research
Message: My grandmother's name was Helen Barclay born ?? @ 1870 -- could you tell me more about the Helen Barclay you list :ref 14d 1841?


Wednesday, March 03 - 1999 at 14:40:06

Email Address:
Name: Danny Tuckwell
Subject: Margaret Tuckwell (Group 02, wife, circa 1580)
Message: Dear Mr. Maule, I was fascinated to see a Margaret Tuckwell in your records. I would be very interested to known where you found her, and any more info about her. Yours, Danny Tuckwell


Monday, March 08 - 1999 at 01:38:48

Email Address:
Name: robert maule
Subject: Trying to find any information on family history
Message: Great grand father was Alfred george Maule, Grand father George Henry, Grand Mother Sarah Jane Daniels, Father Alfred George Maule, (still alive aged 84) remembers links in the Northampton area, but born in Birmingham. Any information would be appreciated.


Saturday, March 13 - 1999 at 08:17:27

Email Address:
Name: Pat Short
Subject: Mauller Family Name
Message: John Griffin Mauller Married Anna Matilda BolenBaugh.She was born in 1857 and died in 1930 in Ritchey MO.Her children were. Verono V. Mauller b 1898 Ritchey MO d 1953 Joplin Mo Ernest Mauller William Mauller JohnR. Mauller Orvile Ray Mauller Mary M Mauller Emmons Tressa Mauller More Anna Mauller Hobson Mae Mauller Burrows Would like to hear from anyone that know anything about the Mauller Family Thanks Pat Short


Friday, April 02 - 1999 at 23:23:16
Email Address:
Name:rick beets
Subject:Maule family in Australia
Dear Sir / Madam,
I'd like to inquire if you have a means of locating / communicating to the Maule family in Sydney, Australia.
I am looking for Mr. and Mrs. PAUL and YVONNE MAULE, residents of Sydney, camera professionals in the motion picture industry, former owners of Int. 12-Metre Class yacht "VIM."
My quest concerns the latter demographic, trying to track down some spare parts and accessories for this boat. Perhaps if you can get in touch with them, could you forward them my e-mail address and the nature of my inquiry? I thank you very much!
Kind regards,
Rick Beets.
08029 Barcelona, Spain. email:
[Sent e-mail reply to this message-Brian].

Friday, April 09 - 1999 at 23:45:41
> Email Address:
Name: marianne kendelhardt
Subject: Mary Maule
Message: Mary Maule was born in Marengo, Iowa County, Iowa on September 21, 1879. She moved into Clearwater, Florida and married Irish born Patrick Heffron on April 17 19917. I have checked in Iowa County and found that the Maule's were there in the 1860's.

Monday, April 12 - 1999 at 23:19:48

Email Address:
Name:Jeff Carlton
Subject:Maule Family Research
Message:Brian, my family has a pretty thorough family geneology. I have come across some Maule relatives and would love some assistance tracing them back. Any help that you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
The most concrete name I have is:
Thomas Maule b. 11 May 1645 Barkville Parish, Coventry, Warwickshire, England. Moved to Salem, MA in c. 1669
m. 22 July 1670 to a woman Naomy Lynsey(Lindsey).
He had a daughter named Sarah Maule(Hart) b.17 Sept 1677 d.1732 (Salem). He d. 1724
I have been searching through your site for several hours. Its amazing.
Thank you again for any help.
[Sent e-mail reply to this message-Brian].

Saturday, April 17 - 1999 at 04:11:03
Email Address:
Name: anne crawford
Subject: family history
Message: my family has wards, henrys, crawfords, and a lot of other names listed in the Maule archives. Just wanted to touch base with possible relatives.
Anne Crawford

Sunday, April 18 - 1999 at 04:59:37
Email Address:
Name: Maxine Ljungh
Subject: Mary Armit
Message: You have a Mary Armit listed. I believe that is my great-great- grandmother. Could you please send me some information on the listing you have.
Here is the way it is listed 24W Mary Armit c 1830 sct
Thank-you Maxine Ljungh
[Sent e-mail and family tree in reply to this message-Brian].

Monday, April 26 - 1999 at 15:23:17
Email Address:
Name: Dick Bolt
Subject: Maule connection
Message: I have decloked before to a few Maule ancesters, but never knew of this bulletin board. My genealogy home site with my short Maule connection info is at:
I would like to learn more about the life & times of early Maule families in US & other.
My connection is from one of Thomas Maule's grandaughters marriage to a Buxon quaker in RI. Dick

Sunday, May 02 - 1999 at 19:56:46
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Name: Virginia Creighton Smith
Subject: Tamson Fish Maul
Message: Would like to connect Tamson Fish Maul to one of the Maul lines at this site. Tamson m. Goldson Test Feb. 24, 1863 in Camden, NJ, across from Philadelphia PA. Tamson was most likely Quaker. Hope someone can help ...
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Monday, May 03 - 1999 at 13:22:52
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Name: Dick Bolt
Subject: Famous People Graves-Why Not Thomas Maule?
Message: I was just looking at listing for Massachusetts in :
Why don't we find & photo his grave & submitt. I likely can find one of my cousins in the Grafton,MA area to trip to Boston area. Does this info & photo already exist?
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Thursday, May 15 - 1999 at 23:49:34
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Name: Brian
Subject: Re: Famous People Graves.
Message: I have been in touch with Jim re. any knowledge of the grave of Thomas Maule (1643-1724) of Salem. Jim's reply may be of interest to others as well as Dick Bolt.
As a Quaker, Thomas Maule's grave would be unmarked. (Quakers started using simple markers in the late 19th century).
The record of his death and burial in the Salem Monthly Meeting Records substituted as evidence. I would assume he is buried in the graveyard of the then Salem Monthly Meeting, but perhaps elsewhere. I don't know if that burying ground is intact or if there has been a removal.
I doubt there would be anything to photograph except an empty field or perhaps even a structure now standing on the burying ground.

Friday, May 14 - 1999 at 05:56:56
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Name: Robert John Mawley
Subject: Finding our lineage back to the code of arms of the Maules of Essex.
Message: Can you please help me track my lineage back as far as possible to establish some reasonably accurate family tree. I have gone back as far as Robert Charles Mawley whose wife was called Martha,R.C.Mawley had one brother Edward and two sisters Sarah & Charlote, their mother was Marrion but have no record of their fathers name and his family tree. Your help would be very much appreciated, regards Robert John Mawley.
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Wednesday, May 19 - 1999 at 21:40:49

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Name: Maureen Ann Maule Erickson
Message: I would like to find a copy of the Maule Geneology Book published by James Edward Maule of Carlisle, PA. Please contact me with this information or information reguarding any publication of Maule geneology.
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Saturday, May 22 - 1999 at 12:27:24

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Name: Nadia
Subject: Maules from Italy
Message: I was born in Australia to Italian parents my father was Riccardo Maule born in the province of Vincenza Italy.
My grandfather was also Riccardo Maule and I think brn in Italy I am interested in finding out about the name of Maule in Italy.
Would love to hear from anyone that could help.
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Wednesday June 16 - 1999 at 23:34:27

Name: Graeme Simpson
Subject: Georgina Maule Ross
Message: I am interested in finding out if there is any information available about a Georgina Maule Ross.

She was born 12 Jan 1827, the dau of George Ross and Ann Fullarton. Georgina married Charles Gordon Ross in Brechin on 18 Sep 1849. Thsy moved to Cork, IRE where they ran a furniture business.

There 11 children were born in Cork, and Georgina died in Cork on 6 Jul 1872.

Charles Gordon also came from Brechin, the son of John Ross and Leah King. He and Georgina are supposed to be 1st cousins. Family ledgend also has the Ross's related to the Laird of Cromarty.

I noted the "Maule" in Georgina's name, hence this request for information from this mesage board.

Kindest Regards
Graeme Simpson
Melbourne, Australia

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Monday, June 21 - 1999 at 13:16

Name: Paul Brown
Subject: Thomas Maule b.?1620
Message: Dear Sir.
I have been in contact with James Maule , a very distant relative, and he has explained that our mutual ancestor Thomas Maule of Salem cannot be securely linked to the Panmure Maules as his father was involved in the 1648 wars in England and apparently was deported to Barbados (one way travel?) and has left very little documentation.
OK, now what do we do? Is there likely to be a register of his deportation in any department or agency? Any suggestions would be MOST welcome!
Best Regards

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Thursday, July 16 - 1999.

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Name:: Madonna Hall

Subject:: Maules in Australia

Message:: My grandfather is Lawrence Sidney Maule, born about 1916/7 still living, I believe orignally from Cunnamulla in western Queensland. One of several sons to Sidney & Julia Maule, settled in Redcliffe (near Brisbane) Queensland. I believe there are still relatives at Cunnamulla. I'm not sure of Sidney's father's name, I think it may have been Henry, Harry or similar. Just wanting to know if it was possible to find out which part of the Maule Family I am part of. I'll try to get more information on correct names as soon as possible.

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Saturday 7th. August 1999.

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Name:: kevin maule
Subject:: George Maule of Newcastle upon Tyne
Message:: I am trying to trace my ancestry but the furthest i can go back to is the birth of my grandfather,George Maule in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1899.He married my grandmother Alice in the late 1920"s and died in the late 1970"s