b. 1521: d. 1600.

Born on 21/12/1521 Thomas was educated in Edinburgh. He became an attendant of Cardinal David Beaton and accompanied him when he was appointed Ambassador to France in 1541. In August 1542 he was captured by the English in the Battle of Hadden-rig at Morpeth in Northumberland. He was released after the death of James V. He was also at the Battle of Pinkie 10/09/1547 where he managed to escape although fourteen of his followers, including his cousin Thomas were killed. Shortly after, he was taken prisoner when the English burnt Panmure House and was held for a while at Broughty Ferry Castle.

He had no children by his first wife Elizabeth, the daughter of David Lindsay, Earl of Crawford. After her death he married Margaret, the widow of John Ogilvy of Balfour and daughter of Sir George Halliburton of Pitcur. Margaret was famed for her piety, kindness and charity. They had seven sons, Patrick, William, David, Robert, Thomas, George and James; two daughters Margaret and Isabella and two children who died young.Thomas died on 07/03/1600.

b. 1548: d. 1605.

Educated at the parish school of Kettins, at Thomas Macgie's school in Dundee and at Montrose. Patrick and his wife Margaret lived at Panmure for five years after their marriage in 1562. Then they lived at Bolshan until 1600 when he inherited the Panmure estates and rebuilt Panmure House. They had a son, Patrick, who became the 1st. Earl of Panmure, and seven daughters, Elizabeth, Jean or Jane, Margaret, Euphemia, Isabella, Barbara and Christian.

PATRICK MAULE, 1st. Earl of Panmure.
b. 1585: d. 1661.

The future Earl was born on b. 29/05/1585, probably at Bolshan. He was sent as a pageboy to King James VI of Scotland at an early age and accompanied him into England in 1603. He was appointed Gentleman of the Bedchamber. He had the charters of Barony and tiends of Panmure in 1610 and 1619. He continued in his position under Charles I from 1625 and was granted the Manor of Collyweston, Northants on 04/05/1625. He was made 'Keeper of the Palace and Park of Eltham', Sheriff Principal of Co. Forfar 05/09/1632. Baron of Downie 01/12/1632, and on 15/10/1634 Baron of Brechin and Navar with the offices of Constable and Justiciar. Baron of Balmakellie with his son Henry. Deputy Admiral between Southwater and Bruchtie on 01/05/1635 and was granted the Abbacy of Arbroath on 20/11/1642.

In the Civil War he was with the King at York and at Oxford. In May 1646 he was Colonel of a regiment of the Scottish Army in England. Patrick was elevated to the Peerage of Scotland as Earl of Panmure and Lord Maule of Brechin and Navar on 02/08/1646 and was granted 12/06/1647 the lands and tiends of the Bishopric of Brechin.

His first wife was Frances Stanhope the daughter of Sir Edward Stanhope of Grimston, Co. York. They had four surviving children George, Henry, Jean and Elizabeth born 1622 who married John Lyon, 2nd. Earl of Kinghorne. From Patrick, the son of John and Elizabeth, are descended Queen Elizabeth II and Charles, Prince of Wales. Frances died in 1624 and Patrick married, secondly, Mary Waldron(e) a maid of honour to Henrietta, Queen of Charles I. their four children all died in infancy. Mary died in 1636. His third wife was Lady Mary widow of William, 6th Earl Marischal, dau. of John Erskine, 2nd Earl of Mar. They had no children.

Patrick died on 22/12/1661 and was buried in Panbride Church.

GEORGE MAULE, 2nd. Earl of Panmure.
b. 1619: d. 1671.

He was known as Lord Brechin until he succeeded his father as 2nd. Earl of Panmure, Lord Maule of Brechin and Navar in 1661. A Colonel in the Forfarshire Regiment of Cavalry in the Civil War, he fought at the battles of Dunbar 03/09/1650 and Inverkeithing 20/07/1651 where he was wounded.

He married Lady Jean Campbell the daughter of John, Earl of Loudon and Lord High Chancellor of Scotland. They had four surviving children. George, James, Henry and Marie and five children who died young.

George started the rebuilding of Panmure House from the designs of John Milne and in later life wrote the history of Sir William Wallace. He died in Edinburgh on 24/03/1671and was buried at Panbride Church.

GEORGE MAULE, 3rd. Earl of Panmure.
b. 1652: d. 1686.

The third Earl of Panmure was born at Monifieth, Angus on 04/06/1652. He was a Privy Councillor to King Charles II and to K. James VII. He married on 23/12/1677 Jean Fleming, the daughter of John, 4th. Earl of Wigton. Their only son died an infant and the title passed to his younger brother James when George died on 01/02/1686. He also was buried in Panbride Church.

JAMES MAULE, 4th. Earl of Panmure.
b. 1658: d. 1723.

James was born at Monifieth on 05/10/1658 and lived at Ballumbie until he became 4th. Earl of Panmure on the death of his brother in 1686. He rebuilt Brechin Castle between approximately 1690 and 1709.

A Privy Councillor to James VII. He was a staunch Jacobite, although a protestant, and a signatory to the document obtained by Colonel Hooke in 1707, advising James II in exile that 'the whole nation will rise upon the arrival of it's King'. He proclaimed James VIII as King of Great Britain at the market cross in Brechin in 1715.

He commanded a regiment at the Battle of Sheriffmuir on 30/11/1715. There he received a head wound and was captured but released by his younger brother Henry and some servants. He escaped and took ship from Arbroath early in 1716. His title and estates were forfeited in that year. It is said that the gates of Panmure House have not been opened since his flight. James was made a Knight of the Thistle by the titular James III on 08/04/1716 and was with him at Avignon in 1716 and in Italy 1717-18.

He visited Maule near Paris with his nephew James in October 1720. He died of pleurisy in Paris on 11/04/1723, still in exile after twice refusing to take the oath of allegiance to the Hanoverians which would have led to a restoration of his property. He and his wife Lady Margaret Hamilton the daughter of William, 3rd. Duke of Hamilton had no children.

There is a poem printed in 1723, titled "The Illustrious Loyalist", sacred to the memory of that Eminent Scottish Patriot, the Right Honourable James Earl of Panmure, Lord Brechin, etc., it concludes:-

"An ample fortune he disdain'd to save,
Pilgrim to turn, and seek a foreign grave.
Forbid it, Heav'n, his ashes lie abroad,
The're hallow'd relicts of a Demi-God.
Let not such dust in foreign soil abide:
Send them, O Royal James, to his Panbride.
And when we, weeping, do his ashes view,
We'll say he's buried and his country too."

Hon. HENRY MAULE of Kellie.
b. 1659: d. 1723.

Henry was baptised on 02/10/1659 at Monifieth and commonly known as Harry. In 1709 he was 'Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records' and later Deputy Lord Lyon, King of Arms for Scotland. In this capacity, he declared George I, King in Edinburgh on 05/08/1714 in spite of being an Episcopalian and a staunch Jacobite. He took a prominent part in the 1715 rising. He fought in the Battle of Sheriffmuir where he rescued his brother James from captivity. There is a reference to the rescue in the Jacobite ballad on the Battle of Sheriffmuir:-

"Brave Mar and Panmure
Were firm, I am sure.
The latter was Kidnapt awa', man.
With brisk men about
Brave Harry retook
His brother, and laughed at them a', man."

In 1716 he escaped with his two older sons to Holland and settled in Leyden. Kellie Castle was forfeited. After his return to Scotland under the general amnesty in 1719, the recovery of their estates became the chief pre-occupation of the family. Harry was a scholar, collector and an antiquary. As a genealogist he produced the remarkable 'Registrum de Panmure' in two volumes, covering the history of the family from Norman times to 1733.

He married, firstly, on 30/03/1695 at Ceres in Fife, Lady Mary Fleming the daughter of William, 5th. Earl of Wigton. They had three surviving children, James, William and a daughter Jean, who was born about 1702 and who married in 1726 George, Lord Ramsay. She was the mother of the 7th. and 8th Earls of Dalhousie.

(See FAMILY TREE OF MAULES in the family of the Earls of Dalhousie.)

Mary died in 1702 and subsequently he married on 21/01/1705 Anne Crawford the daughter of the Hon. Patrick Lindsay Crawford of Kilburnie. They had four surviving children, John, Charles, Thomas and a daughter Margaret.

b. 1679: d. 1758.

Henry was a member of the Irish branch of the Maules of Panmure. In the Church of Ireland he was appointed Dean of Cloyne 29/06/1720, Bishop of Cloyne 1726, Bishop of Dromore 1732, Bishop of Meath 1744-1758. He was the author of a 'Sermon on Popery' in 1741.

He married Lady Anne Barry, the daughter of the 2nd. Earl of Ballymore. They had two sons, Thomas and James and a daughter Anne.

bap. 19/01/1700: d. 1758.

John was baptised at Panbride Church by Rev. Patrick Maule his father's cousin. He was a member of a cadet branch of the Maules of Panmure, descended from William of Auchrinnie. He went to London in 1715 and became Clerk of the Cheque at Greenwich Hospital from 1736 to 1776. He was visited at Greenwich by his cousin William, the Earl of Panmure of Forth. His arms appear to have been those of Panmure with a crest of 'a cubit arm erect in the hand a broken ear of wheat'. An old seal with this device was in 1856 in the possession of his grandson.

On 02/01/1728 he married, firstly Ann Starr at Morden College, Blackheath KEN. They had four children, Timothy, Stephen John, Jean (or Janet) and another daughter whose name is unknown. Secondly he married Mary Brown, they had a son George who became a Lt.-Colonel in the Madras Engineers and daughters Mary Clara (b.1752. m. Lt. Col. Patrick Ross of the Madras Engineers, later Major General G.C.B. and M.P. for Horsham 1802/4) and Matilda (bap. 16/05/1754. d. 1787. m. 1783, Lt. John Wickens, Madras Engineers d.1789).

General WILLIAM MAULE, Earl of Panmure of Forth.
b. 1700: d. 1782.

Taken to Holland by his father Henry when he fled after the Battle of Sherrifmuir, William was educated at Leyden and at the Scots College, Paris. After their return to Scotland he became an Ensign in the 1st. Foot in October 1727. Captain 25th. Foot 1737. Captain 3rd. Foot Guards and Lieutenant-Colonel 1741. Colonel 1745. Colonel 25th. Foot 1747-1752. Colonel 21st. Foot 1752-1770. Major-General 1755. Lieutenant-General 1758. General April 1770. Colonel-in-Chief 2nd. Dragoons November 1770-1782. He served in several campaigns in the Low Countries and was at the battles of Dettingen in 1743 and Fontenoy in1745.

William was M.P. for Forfarshire from 1st. May 1735 until 1782. He was created 1st. Earl of Panmure of Forth and Viscount Maule of Whitechurch in the Peerage of Ireland on 06/04/1743. He paid nearly £50,000 for the Panmure Estates when they were sold at auction in Edinburgh on 20/02/1764.

As he was unmarried and he was predeceased by his brothers none of whom had any children, his titles became extinct at his death. His will was proved in July 1782 and in it he left the Panmure property in liferent to his cousin George, 8th. Earl of Dalhousie, with remainder to George's 2nd. son William who assumed the name and arms of Maule when he inherited.

b. 15/07/1786: d. 1844.

George was a great-grandson of John the Clerk of the Cheque at Greenwich Hospital. He was baptised on 16/03/1788 at Battersea. He joined the Royal Navy as a Boy Volunteer 1st. Class on 12/10/1797. He was posted aboard HMS Princess Augusta. Later he served in HMS Amazon 1799-1801 and was in the Battle of Copenhagen 02/04/1801. He was a midshipman aboard HMS Theseus from 1801 to 1805. Acting Lieutenant, HMS Atlas 1805-6, Lieutenant HMS Monarch 1806-1811. First Lieutenant HMS Nemesis 1812, HMS Zephyr 1813-1816. After this he was placed ashore on half pay. In 1940 George was promoted Commander and retired. By 1824 he had settled at Cartmel in Furness, Lancashire. In 1824 he married Rebecca the daughter of Thomas Briggs, surgeon of Cartmel. They had a son George.

b. 01/09/1833: d. 23/09/1913.

Ward was a great-great-grandson of John the Clerk of the Cheque at Greenwich Hospital. He was educated at Warwick and Tonbridge. He gained an LlB(Cambridge) in 1871. LlD(Dublin) in 1876. Ward played cricket for Kent. He was ordained Deacon (Bombay) 1856. Priest Canterbury) 1859. Chaplain, Christ Church, Nellore, S. India 1857-59. He was at Colaba from 1859 to 1872 and Archdeacon and Commissary of Bombay 1872 to 1874. Senior Chaplain at Bombay Cathedral, 1874-79. Subsequently British Chaplain at Boulogne.

In 1859 he married, firstly, Cordelia Streeton (the niece of Prime Minister Spencer Perceval) at Tunbridge in Kent. They had a son Henry John and four daughters whose names are unknown. Secondly, he married in 1897 Mary Caddise (b. c.1832 at Richmond, Surrey) at Strand, London. His obituary was printed in the 'Times' on 25/09/1913.

Extracts from poems copied from the 'Registrum de Panmure'.
Compiled by the Hon. Harry Maule of Kelly, A.D. 1733. Edited by John Stuart and published in Edinburgh, 1874.