b. ?1180: d. 1241.

Peter, or Piers, was born in Poitou, France. He became a squire and later a favourite of King John, and is mentioned as one of John's evil counsellors in 1211. He married Isabel, heiress of the barony of Mulgres (Mulgrave), and daughter of Robert de Turnham. Turnham's lands were granted to Mauley on 25 April 1214. He built Mulgrave Castle near Whitby in Yorkshire, and was a benefactor of Meaux Abbey, where he endowed a chapel in memory of his wife. He was the govenor of Corfe Castle and later of Sherborne Castle, in Dorset and Devizes Castle, in Wiltshire. Peter was sheriff of the counties of Somerset and Dorset, and later of the county of Northamptonshire.

He went on crusade with William de Fortibus, Earl of Albemarle and died in the Holy Land in 1241. He was succeeded by seven generations of de Mauleys, all named Peter.

b. 09/10/1742: d. 20/01/1825.

John, a shipwright, was the second son of John Maull (1714-1753)who founded the Maull family of Lewes, Delaware, USA.

During the American Revolution John built a schooner and acted as a pilot on a dispatch boat in the Delaware River and Bay. He is believed to have been captured by a British ship, which he was ordered to pilot to Philadelphia. He appeared to do so, but after dark he ran the ship aground on a shoal in the river. John escaped by jumping overboard, swimming to his own boat which was being towed astern, and sailing away.

b. 0/10/1744: d. c1783.

James was the third son of John Maull (1714-1753) of Lewes, Delaware, USA. The younger brother of John Maull above. Like his father, James was a Delaware River and Bay pilot.

In the American Revolution James was appointed by the Committee of Safety in Philadelphia to patrol the Delaware River and Bay to give notice of the approach of any English ships. He was also appointed a pilot to conduct ships through the obstacles placed in the river channel below Philadelphia.

bap. 05/05/1748: d. 20/01/1825.

A descendant of George Maule (?1590-1643) of King's Sutton on the Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire border. John was born at Ecton in Northamptonshire and baptised at Huntingdon. He was educated at Charterhouse (1762) and Christ's College, Cambridge (1766). He obtained his B.A. in 1770 and his M.A. in 1775. He was ordained deacon at Lincoln on 24/02/1771. Curate of Pidley in Huntingdonshire on 25/02/1771. Priest on 14/06/1772. He was Chaplain of the Royal Chapel at Greenwich Hospital from 01/04/1773 until 04/02/1816. Rector of Little Wigborough in Essex in 06/04/1774. Appointed Chaplain to 4th. Earl of Sandwich, 1st. Lord of the Admiralty on 21/07/1774. Vicar of Horseheath, Cambridgeshire from 1776 to 1825. Chaplain to H.R.H. Duke of Kent 20/04/1799.

Joint author with John Cooke of 'An Historical Account of the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich', published London 1789. Author of 'A Concise Manual of the Principle and Duties of a Christian', published 1810, 12mo.

John married on 22/04/1777 Elizabeth (born 1758, died on 02/03/1838 and buried in the Cooke Vault at St. Alphage, Greenwich), daughter of Francis Cooke, one of Cashiers for the Wages of the Navy. Elizabeth's brother Captain John Cooke R.N. of the 'Bellerophon' was killed at the Battle of Trafalgar 21/10/1805.

John and Elizabeth had five sons, Francis, William, Henry, John and George Sylvester and five daughters, Mary (born 08/1779, died on 07/09/1868 and buried at Rolveden, Kent. She married at Greenwich, R.W. Forbes). There were four other daughters of whom we have no details and one other son who died young.

John died at Abbey St. Bath [the home of his son John] and was buried at St. James, Bath. There is a memorial tablet to him at Horseheath.

Baron WILLIAM MAULE, 2nd. Baron Panmure.
b. 27/10/1771: d. 13/04/1852.

William Ramsay, the 2nd. son of George, 8th. Earl of Dalhousie was born on the 27th. of October 1771. When he inherited the Maule estates of Panmure and the title 2nd. Baron Panmure of Brechin and Navar he assumed the arms and the name of Maule. It is in this way that the Maule name came to be used in the Ramsay family of the Earls of Dalhousie. He was M.P. for Co. Forfar 1796 and 1805-1831. Acting Grand Master of Freemasons 1808-1810.

William married firstly, Patricia Heron, daughter of Gilbert Gordon of Halleaths on the 1st. of December 1794. They had twelve children. Secondly, he married Miss Elizabeth Barton on 4th. June 1822, they had no children. He erected the Mechanics Institute, Brechin at his own expense in 1838. The 'Live and let Live' monument was erected by his grateful tenants on Downie Hill, south of Craigton in 1839. William was buried at Brechin.

b. 29/03/1773: d. 02/03/1855.

Peter was the grandson of John Maull (1714-1753) of Lewes, Delaware, USA and son of John (1742-1825) mentioned above. He was a shipcarpenter.

On route to France in 1803 the ship carrying Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon, and his bride Elizabeth Patterson was caught in a storm and wrecked off Lewes. They escaped and are believed to be have been given shelter by Peter and his wife.

b. c1779.

Almost certainly the grandson of James (1712-1769) factor to the Earl of Panmure and therefore, possibly a descendant of the Maules of Panmure. His father James (c.1736-1820) moved from Brechin in Scotland to Gloucestershire as gardener and surveyor to the Codrington family at Dodington in 1769. William, also a gardener, founded a nursery in Bristol in 1815 and the Maule family there became known as experts in cultivation. Their nursery, Maule and Son in Stapleton Road, specialised for a long time in American Bog plants and conifers, but under William's son, Alexander James, it went into orchids and in 1869 introduced the true Japanese Quince (Maule's Quince).

William married in 1808, Elizabeth Ann Parker at Winterbourne, GLS. he was baptised after his marriage in 1809. They had two sons William and Alexander James. Daughters Elizabeth Ann (born 1811, married William Webb. Their daughter Helen Maule Webb married William Oliver and from them are descended the Maule-Oliver family of Newcastle-on-Tyne.), Louisa (born c.1819) and two others unknown.

b. 25/04/1788: d. 16/01/1858.

Another member of the King's Sutton family, he was born at Edmonton in Middlesex. He was educated at a private school [run by his uncle Rev. John Maule]. Entered Trinity College, Cambridge 1806. B.A.1810; Senior Wrangler 1810; Fellow 1811; M.A 1813. A friend of Babbage, the inventor of the first 'Computing Engine'. Together they established the Analytical Society at Cambridge.

William was called to the Bar 20/5/1814. Made a King's Cousel in April 1833. He was M.P. for Carlow from 1837 to 1839. Appointed a Judge in February 1839. Baron of Court of Exchequer on 14/2/1839. Knighted in 1839. Appointed a Privy Councillor on 21/7/1855. William never married.

There are many stories about Judge William Maule which I trust are somewhat elaborated. For instance, he was reputed to be so fond of a tipple that in court he used a hollow quill pen to suck up the brandy which his clerk placed in his inkpot. He is also supposed to have burnt down the building in which he lodged when, after a particularly convivial evening, he retired to bed and was confused enough to place the chamberpot on his bedside table and the candle under the bed.

b. 17/12/1799: d. 23/09/1872.

A descendant of the Huntingdonshire branch of the King's Sutton Maules. Henry entered Oxford 03/04/1817. Obtained B.A. in 1822; M.A. in 1836. Ordained deacon 1822. Priest 1823. Curate of Boxford Suffolk in 1825. Priest of Little Ravely, Huntingdon from 1828 to 1867. Chaplain to Huntingdonshire County Gaol and House of Correction from 1828 until 1872. Master of St. John the Baptist Hospital, Huntingdon from 1836 to 1872.

Henry married, firstly, at Houghton-le-Spring in Durham on 07/04/1825 Martha Shirley the daughter of Rev. W. Rawes. They had a son William Shirley. Secondly, he married on 04/01/1837 Mary Jane [Maule, his first cousin, once removed] the daughter of William Henry, at St. Pancras in London. They had Augustus Henry, Richard Walter, Edward John, George Frederick and daughters Alice Mary, Emma Frances and Ellen Elizabeth.

Henry Augustus was the father of Richard Walter (b. 06/07/1839) and George Frederick (b. 10/10/1846) who settled near each other at Lincoln Township, nr. Independence, Trempelau Co., Wisconsin c1857 and c1864 respectively.

Hon. FOX MAULE, P.C., K.G.C.B., K.T., M.P.
b. 22/04/1801: d. 06/07/1874.

Fox was born at Brechin Castle, the eldest son of William, Baron Panmure. He was baptised 30th. May 1801 at Lochlee in Angus. He was educated at Charterhouse. A Captain in the 79th. Highlanders 1819-31. Fox was M.P. for Perthshire 1835-1837, for Elgin 1838, for Perth 1841-1852. Under secretary at the Home Department from 18/04/1835-15/06/1841. Vice-President Board of Trade and Privy Councillor 28/06/1841-03/09/1841. Secretary at War 06/07/1846. Lord Lieutenant of Forfar 1849. President Board of Control 05/02/1852. Secretary at War 1855-58.

He became 2nd. Lord Panmure in 1852 on the death of his father, was made Knight of Scottish Order of the Thistle 28/10/1853 and Knight Grand Cross of the Bath 29/10/1855. Succeeded his cousin James Andrew Ramsay as 11th. Earl of Dalhousie and Baron Ramsay 19/12/1860. In 1861 he assumed the name of Maule Ramsay. Fox erected the Maule monument on Rowan Hill at Tarfside in 1866. He was also a Governor of Charterhouse, Keeper of the Privy Seal of Scotland and 1867-1870 Grand Master of Freemasons.

On 4th. April 1831 he married Montagu Abercromby, eldest daughter of George, 2nd. Baron Abercromby. They had no children. Fox died at Brechin Castle and was buried on 14/07/1874 at Panbride. During his final illness and again on his death, Queen Victoria wrote personal letters of condolence to his sister Christian. The Barony of Panmure became extinct and the Earldom of Dalhousie passed to his cousin George Ramsay, Admiral R.N. An elaborate fountain was erected in his memory in St. Ninian's Square, Brechin.

b. 1804: d. 1899.

A member of the family of Maules which came into Northumberland from Berwickshire, Scotland in the first half of the eighteenth century. William was born at North Middleton in Northumberland. Apprenticed as a cartwright-joiner, he moved to Newcastle in 1823 where he learned the trade of coachbuilder. He started his own business in Howick St., Alnwick in the early 1830's. His patrons included the Duke of Northumberland and Admiral Earl Grey. In 1857 he was commissioned to build a waggonette for Queen Victoria, this became known as the 'Northumberland Waggonette'. He worked for over 60 years and until a few years before his death at 95, he was in excellent health.

He married Ann Robinson, they had four sons, William, John, Frederick John and Edwin Davidson and three daughters Catherine (born 1827 at Newcastle, married Alexander Maule her 2nd. cousin - these are my great-great grandparents), Sarah (baptised 10/10/1830 at Alnwick) and Mary Ann (baptised 28/07/1833 at Alnwick).

Lieutenant-Colonel Hon. LAUDERDALE MAULE.
b. 25/03/1807: d. 01/08/1854.

The second son of William, Baron Panmure, he was born at Brechin Castle on 25th. March 1807 . Lauderdale served as an Ensign in the 39th. Foot 24/8/1825. Captain in the 95th. Foot 1835. Captain in the 79th. Foot 21/8/1835. Major 1840. Lt-Colonel 14/6/1842 retired on half-pay in 1852. Deputy Lieutenant of Forfarshire 1850. M.P. for Forfarshire 16/7/1852 to 1/8/1854.

Lauderdale was appointed Surveyor-General of Ordnance 15/1/1853 and in this capacity, he travelled to the Crimea where he contracted the cholera which swept the British camp at Varna. He died, unmarried, at Constantinople.

Typescript of Memorial in Panbride Church.

to the Memeory of
second son of WILLIAM Lord PANMURE,
Member of Parliament for the county of Forfar.
Surveyor general of the ordnance,
Colonel in HER MAJESTY'S service,
and for some years in command of HER My's. 79th. regiment
This monument is erected in testimony
of the devoted affection and friendship
Anatole Demidoff

May we meet in a better world.

b. 1824: d. 16/05/1898.

A member of a London family of Maules whose origins are not yet clear. William was educated at Winchester and entered Cambridge in April 1844. HE rowed against Oxford at Henley in 1847 and was president of the Cambridge University Boat Club. He obtained his BA in 1849 and MA in 1853.

Ordained Deacon at Ely 1849. Priest in 1850. Curate of Fletton, in Hampshire in 1849 and 1850. Curate of Crookham, in Hampshire, 1850-1851. Rector of Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire from 1851 to 1890. Rural Dean of St. Neots 1876-1889. Vicar of Privett, HAM. 1890-1898.

On 17/07/1851 he married Cecil Elizabeth Vardon (b. c1820 in London. d. 1886 at Eynesbury) at Surbiton, Surrey. They had one son George Benjamin and daughters Cecil Mary Lefroy (b. 1853. m. 1875 Rev. James Fitz-Herbert), Margaret Blomfield (b. 1858. m. H. Godwin Austin), Amy Nicholson (b. 1862), Lilian Mary (b. 1864) who possibly died young. A son Douglas Nicholson born in 1856 died in 1861.

William died and is buried at Privett in Hampshire.

b. 04/10/1836: d. 1920.

A member of the Bath branch of the Maules of King's Sutton. Baptised at Swainswick, near Bath in Somerset. Commissioned Lieutenant R.A. in 1855. Promoted Captain 1862. Major 1872. Lieutenant-Colonel 1881. Major-General 6/11/1886. He received a number of decorations including the Crimean Medal, Sardinian Medal, Turkish Medal and Indian Mutiny Medal.
Henry did not marry.

b. 10/10/1846: d. 08/11/1924.

Another descendant of the King's Sutton Maules. George was born possibly at Waverly in Huntingdonshire. About 1863 he followed his elder brother, who had emigrated in 1856 to Wisconsin U.S.A. In the late 1860's he purchased land near his brother's farm at Lincoln Township, nr. Independence, Trempelau Co.

He married in June 1871 Pauline Nogosek (born Upper Silesia), daughter of Valentine. They had four sons, Frederick George, John Adolphus, Augustus Adolphus and Ignatius. They also had three daughters, Helen Elizabeth (born 23/01/1874 and died 1906), Catherine (born 08/07/1876. died perhaps 1962) and Paulina L. (born 25/02/1880). George died and was buried in Independence. There are many of George's descendants living in Wisconsin to this day.

b. 12/05/1873: d. 15/05/1940.

Also a descendant of the King's Sutton Maules. He was born at Newnham in Gloucestershire. He became a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects and their Silver Medallist in 1896. He was headmaster of the London School of Architecture 1903-13. A major in the Honourable Artillery Company he served in 1914-18 War, was mentioned in despatches three times, awarded the Military Cross and the Distinguished Service Order.

In 1902 he married Edith Ina daughter of Canon R. Poole D.D. They had two sons, John Patrick and Harry Gordon and a daughter Helena Joy.

b. 26/06/1873: d. 03/09/1953.

Another member of the Bath branch of the King's Sutton Maules. He was born on 26/06/1873 at Twerton on Avon, near Bath. He served in the South African War from 1900 to 1902. Awarded Queen's Medal, 4 clasps. King's Medal, 2 clasps. Served in the Great War 1914-18. Made Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. Mentioned in despatches, 2 clasps. Retired as Colonel, Royal Artillery in 1921.

Married in 1904 Bessie Kate daughter of G. Martyn. They had a daughter Frances St. John (born 1913 in India. She married Raymond Dewar-Durie). Another daughter Eva St. John (also born in India) died in infancy.

b. 15/12/1889.

William Henry was born at Eynesbury in Huntingdonshire. Educated at Winchester and Magdalen College, Cambridge. He obtained his B.A. in 1911. Employed by the Bank of England from 1911 to 1914. He served as a Captain with the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment in the Great War 1914-1918. Mentioned in despatches twice and awarded the Distinguished Service Order. He was a member of the British Military Mission to Poland in 1919. Made a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

He married Hilda M. M. Wild and had a son Christopher John.