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MAULE Florence Mary
Birth:          Dec 1880 Neb.
Death:          15 Jul 1949 Dallas, Tex.
Cause of Death: complications following surgery

1981 book:
	Florence attended the University of Nebraska. She operated a school for 
girls in Los Angeles, Cal.
In the 1930's, Florence lived at 1829 El Certio Place. Hollywood, Cal.
Source: 1900 Col. census; Marjorie Johnston (1EE4382)
1880 in Fairmont, Fillmore Co., Neb. as Mary
1900 in Denver, Col. as Florence
1910 cannot find
1920 in Woodstock, Ulster Co., N.Y.
1930 in Los Angeles, Cal. says widow (not), house director of residence club
Tex Death Idx on

mentioned as wife of Updegraff in Mark Schorer's Sinclair Lewis: An American Life 
Is she the Florence Maule Cooley who advocated for women's suffrage in 1913? Could 
she have been married twice? YES, per letter of David Maule Updegraff
attended Univ of Nebraska
April 1992 letter from David Maule Updegraff
After divorce from Cooley she moved to New York City, where she met Allen
Then they moved to Woodstock, N.Y.
After divorce from Allen, she and David sailed to San Francisco to visit her mother, 
and she got a job in Los Angeles as director of the Thre Arts Club, a residential club 
for young ladies studying painting, music or drama. 
Wrote three novels: in 1941, Coat for a Soldier, in 1942, Traveller's Candle, and in 
1948, Blue Dowry. Also wrote a few plays, none produced.
ardent suffragette.

MAULE John Penrose (15 Sep 1853 - 29 Nov 1912)
FINIGAN Mary Katherine (Apr 1864 - 1945)

MAULE Frances Gertrude (24 Oct 1879 - 28 Jun 1966)
MAULE Florence Mary (Dec 1880 - 15 Jul 1949)
MAULE Harry Edward (13 Jul 1886 - 8 Apr 1971)

Marriage To COOLEY Fred () m. EST 1902 dv. EST 1904 Notes
Marriage To UPDEGRAFF Allen Eugene (14 Feb 1883 - 1968) m. 1916 dv. 1923 Notes Parents UPDEGRAFF William Ross () HEBERLING Laura Alda () Children by UPDEGRAFF Allen Eugene 14 Feb 1883 - 1968
UPDEGRAFF David Maule (19 Dec 1917 - 14 May 2004)
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